Where we came from

A note from our founder

10 years of Plumbing, endless wedgies, Plumbers cracks, love handles, baggy
crotches, tight thighs & men’s clothes, I'd had enough!
After years of research, I found out only 7% of women in construction were happy
with the comfort & fit of their current workwear.*
It didn’t surprise me...So I’ve decided to take the plunge, to create a Women’s
Workwear brand built by Tradeswomen, for Women who work. Yep! We've got you
covered. From the serious Tradies & Renovators to the Zoo Keepers & Artists. If you're
looking for serious comfort & confidence, you my friend, have come to the right place!

Aimee xx

Why we are around:

Zadie Workwear was born to make
sure every single women, from the job
site to backyard, is comfortable &
confident in their work gear - so they
can smash out the day & tackle
whatever job that's thrown at them.